met up with friends, and watched one fly her beautiful first year Peruvian Harris hawk.

Photos I took of shaymus

Put this video together for you awesome people :) Didn’t have time to go fly far away, so took Shaymus out locally. And remember, “there’s a thing called love that we all forget, it’s a wasted love that we all regret, you live your life just once so don’t forget about a thing called love” Follow your dreams, be amazing, and do what you love

Promise I’ll start getting this blog back in order and get bird stuff from the wonders of all the internet going again, will be excellent

Anonymous said: how does one go about becoming a falconer? i've always loved the craft and I know a fair share about the birds involved, but i've never really come across a lot of information about falconry itself :o

Are you located in the united states? In the united states you need to have permits, but to have permits you also need to have a sponsor for a 2 year apprenticeship. If you know no falconers, or have none near you becoming a falconer can be difficult. Some states the fish and game won’t find you a sponser, but others may help you to find one if you are truly dedicated.

Check out the website “the modern apprentice”. Excellent place to read up :P

I tried to match his concerned expression

maviacomic said: "sorry i've been gone, i was off becoming a falconer" may be the single best thing ever <3

Wow thankyou! That kinda made my day what I just read :D I’ll post a photo I took about a month after I got my bird, hopefully it will make your day as well

Guess who is still alive

haha. haha. I’ve been gone so long.

Anyway, I became a falconer and have been spending all my spare time either with my parrots or training my red tailed hawk. been a adventure